Booking tickets

The virtual booking office

How to operate the booking system

1. Registration

For new users it is necessary to register in the virtual booking office, by pressing the link “New Account…” in the “Shopping Cart”.

Fill out all the fields of the registration form, read the Registration Terms , and note that you agree with them. After that, click the “Registration”.

If the registration is successfully completed, the system returns to the chart of the Hall.

2. Booking of tickets

On the chart of the Hall click to mark that places which are available for booking (for ordinary users not more than 4 tickets per order).

In the “Shopping Cart” you can see the list of chosen tickets.

The places chosen by mistake can be deleted by re-clicking on them. You can also delete the entire list by clicking the “Clear Oder”.

After the places of interest have been allocated, press the button “Send Order”.

After sending the order, the system will return to “Order History”.

The confirmation request will be displayed at the current order, which should be accepted (or rejected, if you have changed your mind to order the chosen tickets).

If the booking is successfully completed, the detailed information about the location and the terms for redemption will be displayed (the copy of the order will be sent be e-mail, indicated during the registration).

3. Oder Management

After the authorization the user can see all his orders by clicking the “Order History” in the “Shopping Cart”.

The table “Order History” shows the whole order list of the user with the brief information on each of them.

To find out more information about the order of interest, you should click to select it from the table (the information will be displayed in the table "Current Order").

Registration Terms

Terms of Service

Ticket reservation by Internet:

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Концерт цикла "Шедевры мирового органного искусства (Марек Стефаньски)", запланированный на 5 июня, ОТМЕНЁН.

Фольклорную группу "Купалинка" (художественный руководитель - народная артистка Беларуси Елена Телькова) с присвоением звания "Заслуженный коллектив Республики Беларусь"!
Сенсация! В ноябре 2017 гитарный дуэт Анабель Монтесинос и Марко Тамайо (Куба-Австрия-Испания)!

«Выдающийся дуэт, который непременно нужно услышать» (The Washington Post)

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Booking office: (8 017) 331-16-17, 284-47-09. Ticket sales department: (8 017) 284-44-33, 284-32-02.

Address: 50, Nezavisimosty Avenue
220005 Minsk, Belarus

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