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The ensemble of soloists "Classic-Avantgarde"

The «Classic-Avantgarde» Soloists Ensemble was founded in 1991. Vladimir Baidov is the founder of the Ensemble and its permanent leader.

The name of the Ensemble is very capacious. It is very likely that exactly its name, primarily chosen by the just formed collective, has predetermined its further creative fortune.

First of all, this is the ensemble of soloists, and this just assumes that each of the musicians is a bright personality, which bears the responsibility for the ultimate result; that each instrument can be heard separately and at the same time it is the part of the whole. You cannot hide yourself behind your colleague’s back, you cannot shift off the fault for your own mistake to anybody else. You are alone, you are in full view of the public. All this makes the complexity and uncommon, and an extraordinary creative power of this genre.

And secondly, this is «Classic-Avantgarde». This name gives the indication of its repertoire and shows the collective’s aspiration for continual creative search, its wish to keep up with the times, to find new names of the past and the present.

Today we can say with certainly that the «Classic-Avantgarde» Soloists Ensemble fits this name in full measure.

«Classic-Avantgarde» has won its popularity and respect of the audience in the Republic of Belarus and abroad rather quickly. Today it is an indisputable leader among the instrumental collectives of the Belarus.

The Ensemble consists of 16 highly standard musicians, the majority of whom are the prize-winners of prestige national and international solo instruments competitions.

Thanks to its universal structure, high performance level and mobility the «Classic-Avantgarde» Soloists Ensemble has the unique opportunity to prepare and perform in the shortest possible time the music of the composers of any epoch or trend. The programs of the «Classic-Avantgarde» Soloists Ensemble are very diverse: they include the Belarusian music of the 16-17th centuries, the masterpieces of the Russian classics, the Russian vanguard of the early 20th century, works of the authors of nowadays and ancient music of foreign composers. The contemporary Belarusian authors and foreign composers compose the works specially for the Ensemble.

The «Classic-Avantgarde» Soloists Ensemble performs over 50 concerts per season in the Republic, regularly appears on the National television programs, and over 100 programs have been recorded to be kept in the fund of the National Broadcasting Company.

The Belarusian Ensemble has beatified many International music festivals by its performances:

  • 1988-2002, Minsk, Belarus - Belarusian Musical Autumn
  • 1988-2002, Vitebsk, Belarus - International Annual Festival in memory of I.I. Sollertinsky
  • 1991, Helsinki, Finland - Festival of Modern Music
  • 1992, Gelsenkirchen, Germany - III Gaida Forum- Festival of New Music
  • 1992, Lvov, Ukraine - III International Music Art Festival Virtuosos
  • 1992, Padova, Italy - Bienale
  • 1992, Venice, Italy - Bienale
  • 1992-2003, Minsk, Belarus - Ancient Belarusian Music Festival “Revival of the Belarusian Capella”
  • 1993, Bonn, Germany - Bonner Summer–93 International Music Festival
  • 1993, Kaliningrad, Russia - XIII International Arts Festival Amber Necklace
  • 1993, Kishinjev, Moldavia - New Music Festival
  • 1993, Kudowa-Zdrój, Poland - XXXII Festiwal Moniuszkowski
  • 1993, Minsk(Belarus)- Warsaw-Gdansk (Poland) - Polish-Belarusian Musical Meetings Minsk-Warsaw-Gdansk
  • 1993, Vilnius, Lithuania - III Baltic Music Festival
  • 1994, Berlin, Germany - Kreuzberger Hofkonzerte Im Podewil
  • 1994, Geneva, Switzerland - European Passage
  • 1994, Lugo, Spain - XXII International Festival
  • 1994, Monserrat, Spain - Monserrat XIV, Semana Internacional Musica de Camera
  • 1994, Valenzia, Spain - International Chamber Music Festival
  • 1995, Giessen, Germany - Internationale Kirchenmusik-Festwochen
  • 1995-2003, Minsk, Belarus - Minsk Spring
  • 1996, Málaga, Spain - Otoño Cultural
  • 1996, Sabadell, Spain - XVII Temporada Mestre Blanch
  • 1997, Boswil, Switzerland - Ensemble Plus Festival
  • 1998, Nesvizh, Belarus - III Chamber Music Festival Nesvizh Muse
  • 1999, Jaén, Spain - VIII Conciertos para escolares
  • 1999, St. Gallen, Switzerland - Ensemble Plus Festival
  • 2000, Germany - Rossini- Festival
  • 2000, Munich, Germany - Europamusicale-2000
  • 2000-2001, Warsaw, Poland - Warsaw Autumn
  • 2003, Krakov, Poland - 15 International Days of Krakov’s composer’s music
  • 2005, Warsaw, Poland - Warsaw Autumn
  • 2006, Turkey - International Music Festival
  • 2007, Wroclaw - International festival of belarusian culture

The Ensemble carries out active festival activities and in 1989 it was the founder of the Vitebsk International Musical Festival named after Ivan Sollertinsky (The famous Russian music-theoretic teacher and philharmonic leader). It is the an annual and the only festival in the Republic, uniting different types of arts, which has become very popular thanks to a diversity and the highest level of the presented programs. The "Classic-Avantgarde» Soloists Ensemble has been on tour to China, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Moldavia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Finland and Switzerland.

Three CDs of the Ensemble were issued in Switzerland.

Director - Irina Viktorovna Mezentseva
+375 17 331 26 19