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Kupalinka, Honored Collective of the Republic of Belarus Folklore group

How much poetry, flamboyant colors and authentic splendor hold an ancient holiday of "Kupalye", which has been celebrated by all the Slavic people during the summer solstice! The name of this ritual Slavic holiday has become the origin of the ''Kupalinka'' folk group – one of the most popular professional folk ensembles of Belarus. ''Kupalinka'' is headed by its Artistic Director Elena Telkova, the People's Artist of Belarus.

''Kupalinka'' began its artistic career as a female vocal quartet, singing acapella. Later it grew into an easier and more open folk performing manner, combining singing with instrumental accompaniment. The ensemble's repertoire consists of popular folk songs, music and dances from all regions of Belarus.

The concert performances unite the whole program into one performing action: movements, jokes with dance elements help to reveal deeply and vividly the content of the songs.

The original style of "Kupalinka" is widely recognized within and outside Belarus. The Folk group has most successfully performed in Canada, Great Britain, Japan, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Syria, Yugoslavia, Belgium, India and Denmark, presenting to its audience invaluable treasures of Belarusian folk music and song.

Artistic Director – People’s Artist of Belarus Elena Telkova

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