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Rules of use of the services of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society

1. Areas of Validity

1.1. These general conditions of business regulate the legal relations between concert visitors and the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society (BSPhS). They are components of the contract dealing with the purchase of the tickets to events.

1.2. These conditions are valid for subscribers as well as associations of visitors or their members, unless other existing agreements depart from them.

2. Opening Hours of the box office

The box office area is opened everyday from Monday to Friday from 9 AM till 9 PM, on weekends and holidays from 12.30 PM till 8 PM with three short breaks of 15 minutes each. Other box office hours will be announced.

3. Programs and Concert Times

The current concert program with hours of commencement is posted in the box office foyer and on the website of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society (www.philharmonic.by). The establishment reserves the right to make scheduling changes. Once an event has begun, visitors are granted entry into the hall only during convenient pauses.

4. Ticket Reservations and Advance Sales

4.1 Ticket reservations

Reservations requests from the customers will be accommodated within the available allotment of seats on the website of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society.

Severely handicapped individuals may order tickets in writing for the handicapped section as well as for all other seats using the phone number +375 17 2844433 in case of having the original proving document on the entrance. The processing fee is not taken from the customers. Ticket delivery is not made.

4.1.1 Method and scope of ticket orders

As a rule, individuals may reserve not more than 10 tickets and then buy them in the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society's box office within 3 business days. Once the Season Preview has appeared, visitors' organizations can reserve tickets within the available seasonal allotment using the phone number +375 17 2844433.

4.1.2 Receipt and processing of ticket orders

Ticket requests will be accepted only after publication of the Season Preview, and will be processed in the order received according to the e-mail or post requests. If a reservation request cannot be filled, the customer will receive written notification.

4.1.3 Ordering methods

Tickets requests are accepted in writing, by fax, by e-mail or online. To order the tickets, please contact the ticket office at +375 17 2844433 or visit the website www.philharmonic.by.

4.1.4 Payment methods

Tickets can be purchased with cash in the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society's box office or with the bank transfer. If seats are available, the appropriate sum will be charged to the customer's bank account.

4.1.5 Withdrawal from a reservation agreement

If payment of the entire amount due is not received on time, the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society will assign the reserved tickets elsewhere without replacements, and the payment will be refunded.

4.2 Advance ticket sales at the Philharmonic Box Office

Advance sales for BSPhS events will begin in the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society's box offices, theatre and concert box offices and authorised individuals. On the first day of advance sales, customers are strictly limited to two tickets per person per program. Beginning on the second day, there are no restrictions. Severely handicapped individuals with official identification are given preference. The procedure is to advance one handicapped customer to the head of line as follows after each group of four sales; the instructions of staff should be observed. When tickets for standing places are offered, they will be sold on the day of the concert only, at the soonest one hour before the concert begins.

4.3 Exchange and return of tickets

Pursuant to Section 13 of Presidential Decree of October 19, 2010 № 542 "On holding entertainment activities" tickets can be returned to the organizer of the event:

-according to the initiative of a citizen or organization - not less than five calendar days before the event. At the same time a citizen or organization that return ticket, shall be compensated at least 75 percent of the cost of admission ticket;

-in case of cancellation or modification of the pre-announced time or venue, or in case of the replacement it with another – on the day of the cancelled event, as well as in other periods specified by the event organizer. At the same time for a citizen or organization that return ticket the entrance fee shall be fully compensated.

Program changes and rescheduling are not grounds for the return or exchange of tickets.

In case of the late return of the tickets, the requests for the money compensation will not be accepted.

If the organizer changes the pre-announced time or venue, or replaces it with another, the citizen is entitled to attend the event on the basis of the existing ticket.

The tickets can't be exchanged.

4.4 Lost tickets

The Belarusian State Philharmonic Society does not issue replacements for lost tickets.

4.5 Resale of tickets

Public and commercial resale of tickets is not permitted. This does not apply, however, to purchasers whose commercial activities involve the resale or distribution of tickets, or whose bylaws provide for resale or distribution of tickets to associates or other groups of individuals. The offer of concert tickets for sale on the Philharmonic premises is forbidden.

4.6 Processing fees

A processing fee is not taken from the customers.

4.7 Subscriptions

Each subscription to concerts of the Philharmonic is valid for a single season, and for one seat per series per subscription.

Subscription prices consist of tickets prices.

Subscription tickets can neither be exchanged nor returned for refund.

Program changes as well as changes in performance personnel are always possible. These do not entail the right to return or exchange of subscription tickets. This is also true for the postponement of concert dates. Should it become necessary for either organizational or artistic reasons, the BSPhS does reserve the right to alter its schedule.

5. Cloak-room

Coats and other items can be checked free of charge in the foyer by a company commissioned for this purpose. It is forbidden to bring disturbing items, luggage, radiotelephones or animals into the hall.

6. Lost & Found

Any lost items found on the premises of the Philharmonic should be turned in the administrators' room of the BSPhS (№126 - the right side of the hall of the Big Concert Hall). Loss of articles should be reported to the managers, administrators or lost property office.

7. House Rules

The customer can enter the concert hall only if he has the entrance ticket.

The customers are allowed to enter 45 minutes before the start of the concert and in winter 60 minutes before the beginning.

If it will be determined that you have a fake ticket you will not be allowed to enter the concert hall neither any compensation will be given.

Visitors may be refused entry if there is reason to believe they will interfere with the performance or disturb other visitors. Individuals who interfere with ticket sales or disturb members of the public may be removed from the house. Visitors may also be removed from a performance in progress if they create a disturbance, annoy others attendees, or take a seat for which they do not have a valid ticket.

The entrance to the hall under alcohol intoxication, under the influence of narcotics or drugs is strictly prohibited.

In the case of double tickets to the same place you should contact the administrator, who will solve the situation and offer to take the other place.

7.1 Appearance

Strict dress code is not established and the democratic form of dress is acceptable. However, clothes must have a neat appearance and meet socially accepted moral and ethic standards. Spectators in a dirty and wrinkled clothes, sportswear, and men in shorts and athletic shorts, women in swimsuits detail are not permitted to enter in the hall.

7.2 Security

Our professionals care of your security! The building has video surveillance; security guard on duty is always in the lobby at the entrance or in the foyer of the Big Concert Hall.

During your visit to the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society it is forbidden to bring weapons, ammunition, flammable substances, piercing and cutting items; items affecting smell or the aesthetic senses of other spectators. Hand luggage (backpacks, large bags, big objects) with the exception of small personal items, briefcases and handbags can be left in the wardrobe. Handbags, briefcases and other personal items that are allowed to be brought into a concert hall should be shown in the disclosed form at the request of security personnel if necessary.

At the entrance to the concert hall please turn off your mobile phones.

7.3 Children

Entrance to the concert hall at evening concerts with the children under 3 years old is prohibited.

Children of 3-4 years old may attend the concert free.

Children of more than 5 years old must purchase a ticket.

On New Year's children's presentations the kids of less than 3 years old are admitted free.

7.4 Animals

Entrance to the concert hall with the animals is prohibited.

7.5 Food and Beverage

Entrance to the concert hall with food and beverages is prohibited.

7.6 The rule of the third ring

Entrance to the stalls of the concert hall after the beginning of the concert is strictly prohibited. If you are late, you can take your seats in the stalls only during the intermission.

During the event all the displacements in the auditorium, not due to the health reasons of a personal nature, are prohibited.

7.7 Filming and Recording

The production of photographs or films of any kind is strictly forbidden. The BSPhS retain the right to permit recordings, filming or broadcasts of individual concerts.

7.8 The work of journalists and media

Entrance of the journalists who are not accredited is not permitted.

The process of the accreditation is conducted by prior written request of the administration of the media. Anyway the accreditation does not give the right to provide seats in the auditorium. The passing of the accredited journalists is made from the other entrance on pre-agreed lists with the administration of the Philharmonic Society and in case of the presentation of an identity document.

7.9 Flowers

Viewers are allowed to bring flowers to the concert hall.

The order of presentation of a basket of flowers to the artist is negotiated with the manager of the concert hall, which can be always found in the foyer of the concert hall before the concert.

7.10 Autographs and congratulations

Receiving autographs and congratulating the artists may be allowed only after the consent of the artists and the prior approval of the order and location of these procedures with the managers or administrators of the concert halls.

8. Approval

By purchasing tickets or subscriptions, visitors of the BSPhS concerts indicate their agreement with these conditions.

9. Effective Date of the Above

These general conditions of business will take effect on February 1, 2012.