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“Music through space and time”: Guitar Duo Kristian Gantriis – Volkmar Zimmermann (Denmark)

Date: 16.10.2019 beginning at 19:00
Category: Chamber music


Guitar Duo Kristian GantriisVolkmar Zimmermann (Denmark)

Kristian Gantriis and Volkmar Zimmermann have played together since 2001. The two kindred aesthetic spirits roams seamlessly across genres and styles; spanning from fragile and slender, minimalistic improvisations to powerful expressions of musical masculinity.

Gantriis-Zimmermann Guitar Duo’s music has elements from both Scandinavian and African music-tradition. The music also incorporates Spanish impressionism, tango and contemporary Danish and Canadian guitar music.




I department

Niels La Cour (*1944) – Fred hviler over Land og By

Egil Harder (1917–1997) – Den blå Anemon

Thomas Laub (1852–1927) – Stille, Hjerte, Sol går ned

Arr. Svend Hedegaard

Stephen Wingfield (*1955) – Teyatá

Toumani Diabaté (*1965) – Elyne Road

–Si Naani

– Kaounding Cissoko

Arr. Derek Grippe, Reza Khota


II department

Federico Mompou (1893–1987) – Canción y Danza 1

– Canción y Danza 2

– Cuna (Berceuse)

Arr. Kristian Gantriis

Pepe Ferrer (*1958 ) – Cuando Amanezca

Anibal Troilo (1914–1975) – Romance de Barrio (vals)

Astor Piazzolla (1921–1992) – Decarísimo (tango)

Virgilio Expósito (1924–1997) – Naranjo en Flor (tango)

Arr. Pepe Ferrer





«Музыка сквозь пространство и время»: гитарный дуэт Кристиан Гантриис – Фолькмар Циммерманн (Дания)