Ticket office:

+375 17 396-16-17

Booking tickets
Год мира и созидания


Tickets available at the box office of the Philharmonic Society at:

I. 50 Nezavisimosti Av. (the building of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society)

Box office is open:

Monday–Sunday from 10.00 to 20.00

lunch break 14.00 to 15.00

technicals breaks 12.00–12.15, 17.00–17.15

For the convenience of spectators, there is a ticket office in the passage of pl. Y.Kolas (see work schedule below)

II. Underground passage at the metro station “Yakub Kolas”

Phone: +375 17 284 67 01

Monday–Friday from 10.00 to 19.00

Saturday from 11.00 to 18.00

Sunday – closed

and authorized to organize the viewer.

Booking and ticket sales online.

Attention! 1 hour before the concert booked and not payed tickets are available for purchase.

Ticket sale online:

Dear visitors!

Using our reservation (booking) system tce.by you can pay and get the tickets via “Raschet” system.

“Raschet” system is an automated information system of the common settlement and information space (AIS ERIP) developed by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.

Choosing this method you pay:

-        the ticket price;

-        booking in the amount of 0,2 Belarusian rubles for each ticket;

-        calculation expenses  in the amount of 3% from the total sum.

As soon as the payment is realized you can print the ticket.

Payment procedure via “Raschet” system:

1. In order to pay via “Raschet” system (ERIP) you should push the button “Present the bill or ERIP payment” after the table with the order number appears.

2. You can choose a preferred method of payment:

- via self-service terminal;

- via ATM;

- via Internet banking system;

- via m-banking payment system;

- via bank payment terminals;

- in bank cash desks.

Paying in a bank, please, let the teller know that you would like to make a payment via “Raschet” system (ERIP).

3. Realizing the payment you should choose the following in “Raschet” system (ERIP):

- page “Tickets and lotteries”;

- philharmonic.by;

- write the number of your order, got at the web-page philharmonic.by;

- push “Accept”;

- check your order up once again and push “Pay”.

Despite the way of payment, you get the document that verifies the payment, which is a paper or electronic receipt.

4. After that you can return to the “booking system” page in you personal online page, choose the link with the information about your order number and choose the option “Print the ticket” OBLIGATORY!

Don’t forget to print the ticket after realizing the payment!

At the entrance hall there is a scanner for barcodes.

The visitors without the dates about their barcode are not allowed to the event.

Attention! In case of the necessity to return the electronic ticket the commission price and the price of additional services cannot be returned.

The returning of the ticket on the initiative of the visitor is realized not less than 1 day before the address at 50 Nezavisimosti Av. The visitor gets back 75 % of the ticket price (according to the Code on Culture of the Republic of Belarus of 20.07.16 №413-3, Article №217; Order “On the application of cash machines and payment terminals” №52-ahd of 26.10.2016, point.10 “Returning of a ticket”).

Please, pay attention that,

Entry tickets can be returned :

- on the initiative of  an individual or a legal entity no later than 1 calendar day prior to the day of the  event. Also, an individual, or a legal entity having returned an entry ticket is reimbursed 75 percent of the cost of an entry ticket.  

 - In case of  cancellation, change of the announced time (dates) or of the venue of the event, or of its replacement by another -- at the cancelled( but planned )  day of the event and within 5 days. And in this case, an individual, or a legal entity having returned an entry ticket is reimbursed the total cost of an entry ticket .

Inquiries by phone: 366 76 92, 396 73 57 (except Saturday and Sunday)

396 16 17, 284 67 01 (box offices)

Ticket reservation by Internet