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Год качества

Kapricchio, Instrumental ensemble

The instrumental trio “Capriccio” is a concert group at the Belarusian State Philharmonic, it was established in 2010. Members of the trio are laureates of international competitions Nikolai Maretsky (domra, mandolin), Natalia Korsak (domra, mandolin) and Natalia Kirpichenko (piano). In the 2017/2018 concert season Natalia Korsak (due to moving abroad) was replaced by the winner of international competitions Dmitry Titov (domra, mandolin), Natalia Kirpichenko – by Anastasia Voronovich (piano). Young musicians with great experience in concert performances organically entered the trio’s program.

The group performs a variety of stylistically diverse music and rich repertoire, starting with music from the Baroque era, classicism, romantic works, and continuing with folk music. Folk arrangements and original music by N.Budashkin, A.Tsygankov, and A.Shalov sound organically on domras. And mandolins in combination with the piano allow them to find new colors in the classical compositions of J.S.Bach, A.Vivaldi, L. van Beethoven and original works for mandolin by E.Mezzacapo, K.Munier, D.Lanfiesta. The repertoire of modern Belarusian music in the trio has been enriched with performances of new plays by V.Kuryan, A.Roshchinsky, V.Korolchuk. A wide range of performed works allows the trio “Capriccio” to perform with great success in front of a variety of audiences.

The creative portfolio of the trio “Capriccio” includes a lot of successful tours, for example artists N.Maretsky and N.Korsak three times performed in Japan in the cities of Osaka and Tokyo, in most countries of Western Europe, in programs with famous musicians M.Rostropovich, D.Matsuev, Dm.Hvorostovsky. After the concerts of the trio “Capriccio”, the audience has fond memories of the music performed.