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Anabel Montesinos and Marco Tamayo (guitar, Spain - Cuba), Pavel Kukhta (Belarus)

Дата: 04.11.2017 beginning at 19:00
Category: Chamber music

outstanding duet, which you have necessarily to hear" (The Washington Post)

The duet Anabel Montesinos and Marco Tamayo "brings to the scene life, beauty, charm and dazzling musicality". "An outstanding duet, which you have necessarily to hear" (The Washington Post). Anabel was born in Spain, Marco - in Cuba, and now musicians live in Austria. As a duet they made their debut in the 2003/04 season and soon became laureates of the Guitar Duo Competition in Spain. The ensemble participated in major music festivals, including “Guitar Virtuosos” in Moscow and D'Addario Series at Cornegie Hall; he played with various orchestras in Italy, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Mexico and Panama. Solo duet programs were heard in all corners of our planet, from the US to South Korea, from Northern Europe to Mozambique and Johannesburg. The duet is distinguished by its excellent ensemble coherence and unique sound. Well-known contemporary authors dedicate their compositions to them. Leo Brower arranged several songs of the group "The Beatles" special for the duet.

Anabel Montesinos

Montesinos one of the leading figures of the classical guitar worldwide. Her musical expression and taste has enthralled audiences wherever she has performed. Anabel began to study music at 5 years and very quickly bring her talent to light. In 11 years she has performed with a solo concert on Mallorca, and in several years she was praised by maestro Anton García Abril who called the 15-year-old actress "future star of a classical guitar". Having become the winner of numerous international competitions (including name of Francisco Tárrega in Spain and name of Michele Pittaluga in Italy), the young actress has received the offer from the prestigious company NaxosClassicLabel to write down the first disk. The music from this album was not only highly appreciated by experts, but also selected for airtime broadcasts by the British Airlines Company. In 2011, the second CD of the guitarist was released, and her third album will be on sale in the summer of 2015. Her performances are also recorded on radio and television in Spain, Poland, Italy and Sweden.

A joint concert with the famous Paco de Lucia became a landmark in the Montesino's biography. After this concert the Swedish audience gave the musicians a standing ovation. Solo concerts of the guitarist took place in the Philharmonic Halls of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Turin, Monterrey, Madrid, Oulu (Finland), Mexico City and other cities around the world. Anabel's performance has taken place under ovation in the New York Carnegie Hall, where she opened her road tour in 2011. I n the next years she has visited Germany, Italy, Russia, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Mexico and on the Bahamas with concerts.

A. Montesinos has won the prize "Gold Guitar" awarded to perspective young talent on the international guitar convention in Alessandria in 2011.

She was awarded the title of "Honorary Citizen" of the city of Solero (Italy) in 2013.

Marco Tamayo is one of the leading figures of the classical guitar worldwide. The Italian newspaper “La Stampa” acclaimed musician as “The king of the guitar”, praised by musicians like John Williams, Leo Brouwer or Eliot Fisk.

He has performed as soloist with famous orchestras like the Philarmonic of Turin, St. Petersburg, Mexico, Havanna, Cuba, Oulu and with famous conductors like Ennio and Andrea Morricone, Philipe Bender, Leo Brouwer, Paolo Ferrara, Gordon Campbell, Kurt Redel, Hannu Lintu etc.

His six albums, three of them with the Naxos Label and countless reviews express his, like commented by the guitarist Eliot Fisk: “Perfect technical development and an extraordinary musical intelligence”.

Marco Tamayo started to perform at the age of three having his father as teacher. His first performances took place at the age of six, and up to the age of ten became a laureate of several national competitions and made his first tours in Europe. His teacher at that time, Antonio Alberto Rodríguez and Marco was his last student at the island. While finishing his education with Eliot Fisk and Joaquín Clerch, Tamayo became a laureate of a huge number of competitions (had won more than 25 first prizes!) like “Andrés Segovia” in Almunecar and Granada (Espana), Michelle Pittaluga-Cita di etc.

Mr. Tamayo is an active performer with a vast repertory including works from the Renaissance to the XXIst centuries music. He has transcribed for the guitar several works. Some composers have written music especially for him. Marco Tamayo also performed the premier of “Ciudad de las columnas” by, in France, and has been invited to different festivals occasioned with 70th birthday of Leo Brouwer Leo Brouwer has lately arranged some songs of the Beatles for the duo Tamayo-Montesinos.

In the past he was a student of Salzburg's Mozarteum, where, in addition to guitar, he studied with Nicolaus Hartnoncourt (Early Music), Anthony Spiri (Harpsichord)and Reinhard Schmidt (violin). Marco Tamayo has been teaching at this university since 2006 and is currently considered one of the most successful teachers. He is also professor of conservatory in Klagenfurt (since 2005) and the Gdansk academy of music (since 2014). From summer 2013 till summer 2014 Mr. Tamayo was invited at the University of Sydney, in Australia, where he won a Professorship among 130 candidates from all over the world, and from 2014. Many of his students are prize winners of international guitar contests, some of them on the way to major careers. Mr. Tamayo is a regular invited juror by international guitar competitions and guest performer.

His educational experience was embodied in the book “Essential principles for the performance on the classical guitar” (publishing house Chanterelle, Germany). The first edition of the book was sold out and the second edition was published recently.

In August 2014 “Marco Tamayo Edition”, scores of many important works enriched with Marco Tamayo’s fingerings and suggestions, was created.

In 2011 he taught among others master classes in New York City, followed by several concerts in Mexico, Russia, Italy and Germany. He performed the Concerto de Harangues, by J. Rodrigo with conductor Justus Franz at the KKL Luzern (a sold out concert); Maestro Andrea Morricone has composed a guitar concerto and the composer as conductor. In 2012 included tours among others in Bahamas, GFA (Guitar Foundation of America) and Russia.

Marco Tamayo is a Honor Citizen of Alessandria and Solero, both in Italy.

He plays the instrument of the work of Simon Marty (Australia) and Corum Blue strings by Savarez.

Anabel Montesinos and Marco Tamayo (guitar, Spain - Cuba), Pavel Kukhta (Belarus)