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“Elements of sound” / “Vox elementi”: chamber choir “Salutaris”

Date: 04.06.2023 beginning at 19:00
Category: Chorus music

Interweaving of voices and movements, waves of light and melodies in the creative interaction between singers and dancers will immerse the audience in the elements of sound. Hypnotic Irish tunes will lift you up to the vaults of a Gothic temple, choir covers will open up a new reading of familiar compositions, arrangements of Belarusian folklore and original works written specifically for the voices of the chamber choir “Salutaris”, will help you feel the connection with your roots and be filled with the life-giving power of our land. The music is even more revealed in the combination of the movement of the voices and the movement of the dancers, when the melodic lines seem to be continued by the lines of the dance. This evening we invite you to plunge into the elements of sound.

Chamber choir “Salutaris” under the direction of Olga Yanum and dance theater “Altana” under the direction of Evgenia Nikolaychuk will perform for you on June 4 in a unique concert-performance “ELEMENTS OF SOUND”, which will also be a presentation of the choir’s album of the same name.

«Стихия звука» /“Vox elementi”: камерный хор “Salutaris”