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The ensemble "Subtilu-Z" (Lithuania)

Date: 12.12.2018 beginning at 19:00
Category: Modern music
Performers: SUBTILU-Z

Subtilu-Z is a gathering of extremely virtuoso sound aesthetics determined to achieve exceptional sound quality, which has significantly approached to the fulfilment of this ambitious plan over eleven years. Through empirical experience and in-depth research they succeeded to demonstrate to the world that a) music is not just a sound; b) musical instruments are not just the means to express energy; c) musical energy is never too much. Also, to confirm the long-known axiom that d) it is not important what you play, but how you play it.

This is the big four... More specifically, it is more than four, supported by good friends on the other side of the stage. Each listener finding himself within the coverage area of Subtilu-Z turns into a conspirator of this adventure, and a character of a musical narrative. They create what they think is the best thing in the world; they go towards what, in their opinion, is the vocation and purpose of music – to excite the listener, to talk to him, to reveal the inner significant experiences.

Subtilu-Z simply calls to experience the pleasure of music together, to give in to its energy, to turn off the analytical mind, to distance yourself from prejudices and simply hear something not expressed in notes or in words.


Tenor birbyne, pipe

I am Laurynas, I play reed and I really hate when people imagine it one-sidedly. Clarinetist Giora Feidman once has told me that the instrument is the microphone of the soul, to express what you have inside yourself. You do not have to play a lot and complex tunes for that. A work of the three notes can be mindlessly complicated, because you need inner faith, power to convey it. The repertoire can be varied. My whole life is now related to Subtilu-Z: I go to bed, I sleep and wake up with new and old ideas. I see the entire work process not only as a performer. Good performance is important but it must also be conveyed: record quality, concert vocalization, lighting and other preparatory work in the backstage may be critical to how the audience will hear us, and we started dedicating much more attention to them.



I am Povilas, I am an accordionist and as far as I remember myself, I always preferred playing in an ensemble rather than solo. I am an ensemble man, unafraid to crawl out of it, I indeed feel at home there.
With Subtilu-Z we never have dilemmas, what to play. Most importantly, we must like the piece, and the audience mostly responds not to what we play, but how we do it. When a musician steps on the stage without a clear vision of what he wants to say – the listener feels it. Therefore, every piece is rehearsed for quite a while until we perform it on stage: we have to search, to mature every note of it, because we do not adjust want to play what is written on paper, but to understand, to comprehend the material and make its our own. Particularly big challenge is posed by vocal music as the singer also has a word that is automatically effective, while the musician has to convey everything using just his instrument and his inner energy.
And certainly, the biggest joy is playing your own works. It is very interesting for me to write something of my own, and I like when it is performed. I like applauds, but am not doing it out of vanity. Creativity stems from somewhere outside me and I am only a conductor, merely writing down the notes.


Accordion, piano

There is a psychological exercise. You imagine the goal and in your mind, you reject all obstacles that might arise in reality – there are no obstacles, everything is possible, and only your fantasy is the limit to how the achievement of your dreams will look like. The same applies for creativity: first, you reject all obstacles, you allow everything to yourself, and then you can evaluate whether you have gone too far; and if yes, you go back. But in the beginning you must dare, and move forward. I am Dmitrijs, my contribution to Subtilu-Z is the sound of accordion and my own creations.
To me, music is the language with infinity of words. You can select the most appropriate from them, in order to tell about your ideas or feelings, and even talk different things using the same notes. Then you have a very good feeling that the language does not limit you.
Creativity is the driver of the existence of our group. We improvise, looking, we search, dry, make mistakes, but find and discover, record and deliver. The process is very interesting and keeps us going. Who knows what awaits us behind the turn?..


Percussion instruments

I am Vytautas, the pulse of Subtilu-Z. Rhythm is a vast field for creativity. The simplest standard template can be performed using a great variety of different instruments and strokes... Combinations are endless. I have a certain obsession of collecting instruments, but I not only play on my collection – sometimes I play an ax.
I still do not have the full stock of all rhythms of the world in the library of my brain, but I keep supplementing it, even subconsciously – whenever I hear music. With Subtilu-Z I learned that when you are in an ensemble, you do not always have to demonstrate everything what you know and are capable of. Most important not to excel individually, but to make the best quality of the joint music.


2007 Republican competition of accordion music, category of ensembles - II place;
2008 XVIII International competition of accordion music „Citta di Lanciano“ (Italy), category of ensembles - I place;
2009 One of the most prestigious international competitions of accordion music „Citta di Castelfidardo“ (Italy), category of ensembles – III place;
2011 I International competition of accordion music „Vilnius 2011“, category of ensembles - I place.


Every year we participate in the international festivals held in Vilnius and Palanga;
2007 and 2009 The international festival of accordion music in Daugavpils (Latvia);
2009 The international festival of street theater in Klaipeda;
2009 and 2011 The international festival of accordion music in Koszalin (Poland);
2013 The internation festival of accordion music in Limbazi (Latvia).


2010 "Days of capital" ("Sostinės dienos");
2011 and 2012 "The Big Parade of Musicians" ("Didysis muzikų paradas");
2011 and 2012 "Christopher festival" ("Kristupo festivalis");
2012 Festival in Gargždai "Spring note";
2013 IV International Instrumental Music Festival RIDO–2013.


2012 – Concert tour in Norway


In 2009 have organized concert tour from 20 performances during which time played different cities of Lithuania;
In 2011 have organized concert tour from 16 performances during which time played different cities of Lithuania;


In 2011 Educational project Learning From Each Other of folk music orchestra and Subtilu-Z of Vilnius Balys Dvarionas School of Music


2010 and 2011 "To live it is impossible to die" ("Gyventi negalima mirti");
2011 Inspired by the Dreams Come True campaign ("Išsipildymo akcijos įkvėpti").


In 2010 the president of Lithuanian Republic Dalia Gribauskaite "Subtilu-Z" it is awarded by the thankful reading and writing for the brought III place from the international competition of accordion music "Citta di Castelfidardo" (Italy).
In 2011, Subtilu-Z has become a winner of the "Golden Disk 2011 – Audience Sympathies".


In general educational and music schools actively we carry out the program of music education for children.
We organize charitable concerts in children's homes.


Ансамбль Subtilu-Z (Литва)