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Festival of Belarusian folk song and music “Round Dance of Friends”

Date: 16.03.2024 beginning at 15:00
Category: Chorus music

Belarusian choral and instrumental music, arrangements of folk songs

Festival of Belarusian folk song and music


Chamber women’s choir “Polotsk” of the Polotsk City Palace of Culture

Artistic director – Galina Dovzhik

Ensemble “Chabarok” of the Children’s Music School of Arts No.5 in Minsk

Artistic director – Tatiana Gvozdeva

Ensemble of domrists “Iskra” of the Borovlyany Children’s Art School

Artistic director – Elena Tishchenko

Folklore group “Milavitsa” of the Center for Additional Education of Children and Youth “Vetraz” in Minsk

Artistic director – Nadezhda Kostenevich

Exemplary song and dance ensemble “Zorachka” of the National Center for Artistic Creativity for Children and Youth

Artistic director – Alla Novitskaya

Author of the project and director – Svetlana Savelyeva

Праздник белорусской народной песни и музыки «Хоровод друзей»