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“Live Music of Cinema”: “Sunrise”

Date: 06.03.2024 beginning at 19:00
Category: Chamber music

The collection of silent films of the beloved project of the State Chamber Orchestra “Live Music of Cinema” has been enriched with another masterpiece!

This time the famous American composer Steven Prutsman (a longtime friend of the orchestra and its chief conductor Evgeny Bushkov, the composer of music for the previous three films) has written music for the Oscar-winning Hollywood film “Sunrise: Song of Two Men” (1927) by the classic of German cinema Friedrich Murnau. This romantic drama was recognized as the greatest of all silent films in the largest-ever poll of film critics, which took place in 2012.

Two years after the film’s release, at the first American Academy of Motion Picture Arts Awards (1929), “Sunrise” received an award for “outstanding artistic merit,” Oscars were also awarded to Janet Gaynor as Best Actress and to cinematographers Charles Roscher and Karl Struss in the Best Cinematography category.

The ensemble of soloists of the State Chamber Orchestra, which will accompany the film, is looking forward to meeting the audience to perform the “freshly baked” premiere – emotional, exciting, unusually subtle complementing the content of the frame music by Stephen Prustman.

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Tickets can be purchased on the Kino Minsk website, as well as at the box office of the Tsentralny cinema.


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