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“Origins of Jazz”: “Jazz with Andrei Slavinsky”

Date: 07.12.2022 beginning at 19:00
Category: Jazz

Concert cycle “Improvisation"”


“Jazz with Andrey Slavinsky”


On December 7, 2022 at the Belarusian State Philharmonic at 19.00 within the framework of the project “Jazz with Andrey Slavinsky” the concert “Origins of Jazz” – the first from the concer tcycle “Improvisation” will take place.

We will present an author’s vision of improvisation in such jazz styles as ragtime, blues, spiritual, gospel, dixieland and others, with which traditional jazz began. We will look back to the origins of jazz, but present this music in a contemporary sound.

The concert series “Improvisation” is:

  • thematic programs composed of jazz pieces from different eras in author’s arrangements made by VIP Jazz Andrei Slavinsky – one of the most famous professional jazz ensembles of Belarus;
  • theme of each concert is a particular era of jazz development, characterized by an original style of performance;
  • easy and relaxed atmosphere, jazz improvisations that are pleasant to listen to;
  • information about different eras of jazz. In between the sound of music, we will tell you about the main jazz trends known and not quite, but very interesting facts.


«Истоки джаза»: «Jazz с Андреем Славинским»