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Honored Collective of the Republic of Belarus “Ensemble “Camerata”

Today, it is quite difficult to say something new on the a'cappella stage, and those who manage to do so can't but attract the attention of the audience and win the international recognition. And it's actually about the Honoured collective of the Republic of Belarus 'Camerata'. The Camerata ensemble is among those collectives that as they say a self-made musical project. Since its creation in 1987, 'Camerata' has gone from an ensemble that gathered as a group of people with common interests to a world-famous vocal group.

Camerata successfully tours all over the world: Germany, USA, Norway, Turkey, China, Iran, Italy, Holland, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Canada, Russia, Ukraine. Takes part in many international festivals, performing on the same stage with such musicians as Ray Charles, Bobby McFerrin, Avishai Cohen, al Di Meola, Nils Landgren, Enver Izmaylov, Stanley Jordan, and world-famous bands (Charlie Haden Quartet, the London Quartet, the Real Group, the Hillard Ensemble, and others).

The group's repertoire consists of its own compositions, that feature the Slavic pagan culture intonations, natural frets and colorful harmonic juxtapositions, as well as jazz, classical and sacred music. 'Camerata' music combines a variety of vocal traditions and experimental techniques, what makes the sound original and memorable and allows experts of various musical styles to consider the group "their own".

Sound pictures created by 'Camerata' musicians with their  voices create the effect of presence in the musical reality. At the concerts of the Ensemble you get the impression that a multi-instrumental Symphony orchestra with the most exotic instruments are performing in front of you. Each performance of "Camerata" is illustrated with a theatrical action. Soloists enrich the musical drama and rhythm of their performances with choreographic techniques. At times, the performance of artists resembles mysterious, truly shamanic rituals. "Only a few ensembles are gifted enough to make a new sound, Camerata is among them. Their arrangements are vocal symphonies and great sound" (Don Gooding, Mainly A Cappella, USA)

The cast:

Alexander Dovnar

Julia Korotkevich

Galina Gordynets

Kira Smelova

Sergei Yakushenko

Ilya Samal

Anna Didenko

Artistic director – Olga Sergeevna Vorobyova

Phone +375 29 615 08 29

Director – Irina Aleksandrovna Marchenko

Phones:+375 17 392 45 72; +375 44 749 98 25; e-mail : camerata7@mail.ru

Official website: www.camerata-by.com

Facebook: Camerata Vocal Group

ВКонтакте: CAMERATA a’cappella group