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National Academic Folk Orchestra of Belarus n.a. I.Zhinovich

State Academic I.Zhynovich Folk Instruments Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus, one of the oldest professional musical groups of Belarus, was established in 1930. Distinguished musicians stood at the beginning of it's creative activities- Dmitry Zakhar and Iosif Zhinovich whose name it bears to present

I.Zhynovich Folk Instruments Orchestra laid the basis for development of professional music performing on folk instruments. Its activities are inseparably linked with the revival of such folk instruments as cimbalom, lire, zhaleyka, reed pipe, fife etc.

The repertoire of the Orchestra consists of more than two thousand pieces of Belarusian folk songs and dances, original works of Belarusian composers, Russian and foreign classical compositions,contemporary music. For 70 years, the leading Belarusian composers of older and younger generations have been collaborating with the Orchestra.

The repertoire of the Orchestra includes works by D.Shostakovich, G.Sviridov,A.Shnitke, Y.Glebov, D.Smolsky, A.Mdivani, and others. Famous singers, like A.Vedernikov, B.Shtokolov,B. Minzhilkiev, A. Solovianenko, V.Noreika, Z.Babii and others, performed with the Orchestra.

The Orchestra has given thousands of concerts. It has been success with audiences in Canada,, India, Turkey, Poland, Germany, Rumania. In 1982 for its high level of performing skills the Orchestra was awarded the "Academic" honorary title.

Since 1975 the State Academic I.Zhynovich Folk Instruments Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus has been directed by Professor Mikhail Kozinets.

Director - Boris Livshic
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