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The Concert on birthday: The premiere of the film "Pesnyar. In heart and thoughts"

Date: 12.01.2018 beginning at 19:00
Category: Popular music

The Concert on birthday

The premiere of the film "Pesnyar. In heart and thoughts"  

Director and written by Vladimir Orlov

Film producer Vladimir Bokun

The film was shot by request Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus

The cycle of songs by V. Mulyavin “Vyanok” (“The Wreath”)

Lyrics by Maxim Bogdanovich

National Academic Folk Orchestra of Belarus named after I. Zhinovich

Artistic director and chief conductor - People's artist of Belarus Mikhail Kozinets

Conductor - Honored artist of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Kremko

Soloists - Jan Zhenchak, Vyacheslav Isachenko, Andrey Kolosov

Band "Spadchyna"

Andrey Kozlovsky solo-guitar

Backing vocals:

Natalia Shesteren

Tatiana Lavrentieva

Vladislav Danilovich

Arrangements - Oleg Molchan, Alexander Kremko

The name of Vladimir Muliavin is significant for the Belarusian culture. An outstanding musician made an epoch in the history of the domestic variety music. Thanks to creativity made by the ensemble of V. Muliavin “Pesniary” the whole world found out about Belarus, its songs and Belarusian language. It has been 15 years since he passed away. All these years the concerts in honour of the birthday of V. Muliavin hold in the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society. And 2018 year won't be an exception. National Academic Folk Orchestra of Belarus named after I. Zhinovich under the direction of People's artist of Belarus, professor Mikhail Kozinets again will take part in the “Concert on the birthday” (this is the name of this annual project).

On 12 January on the stage of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society will be the premiere of the Vladimir Muliavin’s cycle of songs “Vyanok” (“The Wreath”) lyrics by Maxim Bogdanovich. Famous performers Jan Zhenchak, Vyacheslav Isachenko and Andrey Kolosov will sing accompanied by the orchestra. This programme created by V.Muliavin to the 100th anniversary of the poet Maxim Bogdanovich was reintroduced 26 years after its first and last performance by the ensemble “Pesnyary” in Belarus. The honored artist of the Republic of Belarus, the conductor of the orchestra named after I. Zhinovich Alexander Kremko made a musical arrangement of all 15 songs of the cycle “Vyanok” (“The Wreath”). In the programme “Vyanok” (“The Wreath”) the audience will hear not only famous songs ("Slutsk weavers”, “Lyavonikha”, “Veronika” by I. Luchanok), “Zorka Venera” (by S. Rak-Mikhailovsky) but also absolutely unknown to a wide circle of listeners compositions of V. Muliavin (“Above white cherries floss”, “Greetings, life outside”, “In a strange land”, “On logged area, in a thick coniferous wood” and many others).

In addition to the premiere of the “Vyanok” (“The Wreath”) audience is expected by one more surprise it is a premiere screening of the documentary film “Pesniar.With heart and thoughts” which is dedicated to the life and work of V.G. Muliavin. The film will be presented by its creator the famous director Vladimir Orlov. His previous director's works have been connected with creativity of Vladimir Muliavin. The musical film "Pesniary " (1971) and the concert film "And also Circus" (1983) was Vladimir Orlov very first work. The film was made by order of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus. Produced by Vladimir Bokun.

The Concert on birthday: The premiere of the film "Pesnyar. In heart and thoughts"