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"Kamerata" invites friends

Date: 03.06.2019 beginning at 19:00

"Kamerata" invites friends" - that's the title of the program, with which the honoured collective of the Republic of Belarus vocal ensemble "Kamerata" will perform on 3 June in the Big Concert Hall of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society. In concert takes part  the People's artist of Ukraine Enver Izmailov, who's among  top 5 world best jazz guitar musicians.

Enver Izmaylov was born in 1955 in an Uzbek city Fergana, where his family was deported to from the Crimea in 1944 during the deportation of the Crimean Tatars, he graduated from a local school of arts from the class of bassoon, where also started playing the electric guitar (firstly it was rock music). In the 80's he was a member  of the jazz-rock band “Sato”, he performed at all-Union festivals.

Enver Izmaylov, leading versatile music life  in Uzbekistan, was playing the music  with different bands in restaurants, at national holidays and weddings.  Also, in a jazz-rock band “Sato” directed by Leonid Atabekov Enver performed at all-Union festivals to become the winner of Republican contests for the first time .

Izmaylov is considered to be a big champion of tapping technique all over the former Soviet Union.

In the early 90's Enver Izmaylov moved to a picturesque village near Simferopol, where he started collecting the musical folklore of his ancestors, the Crimean Tatars. Those years he wrote several solo programs,  in which fulfilled his idea of ethno-jazz synthesis.  At the same time Enver Izmaylov was the leader of the trio, being organized in 1995 with a flutist Narket Ramasanov and a drummer Rustem Bari (the album “Minaret”, 1999).  At international festivals Enver Izmaylov performed with a Turkish percussionist Burchan Ochal and a French pianist Xavier Garcia and others.

Enver Izmaylov is a  citizen of the world.  His repertoire abounds with the musical compositions of different nations and cultures.  The one, who at least once watched Enver creating music, who made the discovery of the brand new guitar music, understands that his impressive prowess coupled with brilliant distinctiveness get the wonderful music created.  Enver is a wonder indeed.

The vocal ensemble "Camerata" comprises of eight professional musicians – seven singers and a sound engineer. All of them have graduated from higher music schools in Belarus and Russia, where they were able to inherit the world's best accomplishments in the music culture.

Camerata's repertoire includes pieces belonging to different genres from classical to jazz, often interwoven into each other and giving birth to totally new and uncommon combinations. The nature of all kinds of the group"s experiments lies not so much in their desire to please different audiences, but in their credo being to create individual pieces. The singers are sophisticated both in styles and voice timbres artistically adapting each of them to a particular work. So, when speaking about Camerata, it is not enough to say that they have got a soprano, alto, tenor and bass. Each of the above is quite unexpectedly presented in their compositions with sound imitation making them absolutely unique.

This indeed has enabled Camerata to win and be admired by any audience at festivals of all music traditions – academic, folklore, spiritual, avant-garde, jazz, blues and rock. They repeatedly manifested their talents during their concert tours in Switzerland, Poland, Turkey, Austria and the United States, as well as at major music forums, such as Varna Summer, International Gospel Music Festival, International Ankara Music Festival, Molde International Jazz Festival and others. Their tours of the formers USSR cities (Saint-Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Nizhni Novgorod, Riga, Kaliningrad, etc.) were just as successful and impressive.

Listening to Camerata is a unique experience having quite a magic effect. The latter could perhaps be accounted for by an extremely careful and tremulant attitude to each sound on the part of the group"s participants. In addition to that, their compositions are very special in terms of their variety of plots, where there always is something "sacred and profane" (David Weiss), heavenly and human.

Camerata brings us back to our roots live voices, which are wonderfully combined with electronic arrangement by the sound engineer, ethnic background, and the original vast sound room devoid of any style and genre borders.


Вокальный ансамбль "Камерата"