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“Live Movie Music”: “7 Chances”

Date: 14.02.2024 beginning at 19:00

Hollywood masterpiece of silent movies “7 Chances” (1925) accompanied by live music! The audience favorite interactive project of the State Chamber Orchestra continues!

Come on February 14 at 19:00 to the screening of the romantic silent film comedy of the famous actor and director Buster Keaton, who together with Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd and Roscoe Arbuckle is one of the four legendary comedians of the twentieth century!

The music for this classic silent film comedy was composed by Stephen Prutsman, a renowned American pianist, conductor and composer. His work occupies a special place in the world of music: Steven Prutsman expresses himself equally freely both in the field of classical music and in the genre of improvisation (be it jazz or traditional music of the peoples of the world). His works have been performed by such celebrated musicians and ensembles as Yo Yo Ma, the St. Lawrence Quartet, Leon Fleischer, Don Upshaw, and others.

Stephen Prutsman's music accompanying the film screenings will help create a special cultural “space”. But in the process of dubbing the movies will need sound effects, cheers, laughter... The audience will not be able to stay away! Come! We are sure, it will be interesting!

Tickets can be purchased on the site of “Cinema Minsk”, as well as at the box office of the movie theater “Tsentralny”.


«Живая музыка кино»: «7 шансов»