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“My Love, My Sorrow…”: Igor Degtyarev

Статус: Canceled
Date: 23.06.2021 beginning at 19:00
Category: Popular music


Igor Degtyarev

The concert take part:

Nelly Duschinskaya

Andrey Khlestov

Host – Olga Brilon

On June 23, Igor Degtyarev’s solo concert “My Love, My Sorrow...” will take place in the Grand Concert Hall of the Belarusian State Philharmonic.

Igor Degtyarev was born in Minsk in 1969 He graduated from the music school with a degree in piano and accordion. As a child, he attended the musical circle of amateur artists at the House of Pioneers of the Frunze district, where he met and became friends with Andrei Khlestov – the future soloist of the Concert Orchestra conducted M.Finberg, a well-known singer of the Belarusian stage. Igor Degtyarev wrote his first poems at the age of 14, but he came to the performance of songs only in the late 1990s, being already an adult formed person. While still serving in the army, Igor took part in the competition “What the Soldiers Sing about” (Kiev). Over time, he began to seriously engage in performing. The closest genre to him was chanson.

Igor considers his first victory to be a performance on the professional stage with the song “You’re Gone”, the music and lyrics to which he wrote himself. Andrei Khlestov advised him to contact the People’s Artist of Belarus Alexander Tikhanovich, who at that time hosted the program “Hit-Moment” on Belarusian television. In June 2004, Igor Degtyarev took part in the tour of this project in the cities of the republic. At the same time, he met the famous composer and arranger Sergei Zhdanovich. The result of their collaboration was the creation of the debut video for the song “Light in your Window”. In 2005, the singer became the winner of the V International competition “Good Song” in Kaliningrad, and in 2010 he released his new solo album “Polustanok” in the publishing house “Ark” (Minsk). The CD includes sixteen songs, two of them written by Igor himself, the others – Ivan Nigrutsa, Sergey Miklashevsky, Izmail Kaplanov, Evgeny Oleynik, Natalia Chelembayeva and Sergey Sukhomlin.

Now Igor has dozens of new songs by well-known authors in Belarus. Three music videos for the song “Light in your Window” (words and music by I.Degtyarev), “The Way Home” (music by I.Degtyarev and Yu.Solomenko, words by A.Zotov) and “1000 years” (music by E.Oleinik, words by Yu.Bykova). The latter was included in the collection of clips dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the site “Museum of Chanson”. All songs performed by Igor Degtyarev sound warm and sincere. The singer has a bright performing style, good taste in choosing a repertoire, has a pleasant voice and always easily finds contact with his audience.

Information provided by musicologist Olga Brilon based on open source materials



«Моя любовь, моя печаль…»: Игорь Дегтярёв