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Год качества

“Odessa Evening”

Date: 11.12.2021 beginning at 19:00
Category: Popular music


The concert of wonderful music with notes of wonderful Odessa humor will send the viewer to a time when the question “How many will be seven eight?” they answered “Are we selling or buying?”, and for the ears they made beautifully sensual romances and jewish melodies. For one evening, the Small Hall of the Philharmonic will turn into an Odessa courtyard, where Sofochka’s neighbor may inadvertently pop out, and where a boy can play the violin at 6 in the morning is a common thing.

The duo of the odessa song “Limonchiki”, which, in fact, brewed this mess, will be glad to see the most long-awaited guests in good health and good mood, and together with their friends will create the atmosphere of Odessa in the 20–30s! We are waiting!


The duo “Limonchiki”:

Buba – Evgeny Kurilchik vocals, accordion

Monya – Dmitry Gavrilik guitar, percussion,


Natalia Melnikova – Sofochka

Valentina Dobrovolskaya mezzo-soprano

Maxim Obrovets baritone

Elena Luzan piano

Victor Timofeev saxophone


«Одесским вечером»