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Год качества

“Orchestral Diptych”

Date: 16.04.2024 beginning at 19:00
Category: Folk music

XXXIX Festival of Music “Minsk Spring – 2024”

Concert cycle “100 Years of Success” to the anniversary of the Minsk State Musical College named after M.I.Glinka


laureates of international and republican competitions

Orchestra of Belarusian Folk Instruments

Conductor – Sergei Gladky

Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments

Conductor – Yulia Zhuravleva

Taking part in the concert:

Igor Zadorozhny

Mikhail Volchkov

Tatiana Sushchenya

Tatyana Zykova

Andrey Demyanovich

Alina Kozachenko

«Оркестровый диптих»