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Saxophone Quartet “Saxas”

Date: 12.10.2023 beginning at 19:00
Category: Chamber music

І отделение

А.Дезенкло – Квартет

С.Барбер –Адажио

Ж.Франсе – Маленький квартет

ІІ отделение

К.Сен-Санс – «Вакханалия» из оперы «Самсон и Далила»

В.Тимофеев – «Дуэль»

Д.Саллерас – «Видение І»

Т.Эскеш – «Танго виртуозо»

Дж.Гершвин / Б.Холкомб – Попурри на темы из оперы «Порги и Бесс»

А.Хачатурян – «Танец с саблями» из балета «Гаянэ»


Saxophone quartet “Saxas”:

Nikita Petrov (soprano saxophone)

Pavel Kazak (alto saxophone)

Viktor Timofeev (tenor saxophone)

Dmitry Shuvalov (baritone saxophone)


The concert program “Anthology” will immerse listeners in music for a saxophone quartet. The world’s best compositions, including those previously unperformed in Belarus, which have become the basis of the repertoire throughout the world, will reveal all the possibilities of the sound of instruments.

In the new program, the SAXAS saxophone quartet will once again present many premieres to our listeners. The first part will consist entirely of premiere performances: excellent examples of French music for saxophone quartet – works by Alfred Desanclos and Jean Français – will take listeners through the entire spectrum of feelings, emotions and moods, and the famous Adagio by Samuel Barber will be performed for the first time in our arrangement for saxophone. The second part will immerse the audience in the world of opera and dance, but will not do without premieres. David Salleras exclusively provided the sheet music of his new work, and quartet member Viktor Timofeev continues to enrich the national repertoire with his own music.

This evening we are preparing to go through a musical anthology for a saxophone quartet!


Квартет саксофонистов “Saxas”