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Год исторической памяти

Subscription №4 «Evgeny Bushkov invites...»: soloist - Victoria Mushkatkol piano (USA)

Date: 31.10.2018 beginning at 19:00
Category: Chamber music

Subscription 4 “Eugene Bushkov invites...”

The second concert

Honored collective of the Republic of Belarus

State Chamber Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus

Chief Conductor – Honored Artist of Russia
Evgeny Bushkov

Soloist – Victoria Mushkatkol piano (USA)



G.Rott – Symphony for Strings (Belarusian premiere)

R.Schumann – Concerto for Piano and Orchestra

F.Mendelssohn – Symphony №4 in A major “Italian”, 2nd edition (Belarusian premiere)

Абонемент №4 «Евгений Бушков приглашает ...»: солистка – Виктория Мушкатколь фортепиано (США)