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Год исторической памяти

“Two Champions”: Radu Retsoy (accordion), Olzhas Nurlanov (button accordion)

Date: 20.02.2022 beginning at 19:00
Category: Chamber music


laureates of national and international competitions

Radu Retsoi accordion (Moldova – Denmark)

Olzhas Nurlanov button accordion (Kazakhstan)

For one February evening Minsk will turn into the world capital of accordion and accordion art. On February 20, several winners of the World Cup (“Coupe Mondiale”), an annual competition of performers held by the International сonfederation of фccordionists since 1938, will appear on the stage of the big hall of the Belarussian State Philharmonic Society. Radu Retsoi (Moldova) and Olzhas Nurlanov (Kazakhstan) will demonstrate their brilliant skills in the "Two Champions" program. Without exaggeration, both musicians can be called one of the most titled performers of our time, each of them has more than thirty victories in international and national competitions.

Radu Retsoi is an absolute world champion (2018), winner of the first prizes of the international competitions “World Cup”, “World Trophy”, “Vogtland Days of Music” in Klingenthal (Germany), “ArrasateHiria” (Spain), “PIF Castelfidardo” (Italy), the VII International Competition of accordionists in Moscow and many others. The young virtuoso began winning competitions at the age of 9. His art was applauded in the halls of the Berlin philharmonic, the Copenhagen radio concert house, the Victoria concert hall, the Copenhagen Tivoli hall, the Yerevan concert hall named after Aram Khachaturian, Harbin concert hall, etc.

Olzhas Nurlanov is a soloist of the State Academic Russian Folk Ensemble named after L.G.Zykina “Russia”. The musician received his championship title at the 74th “Coupe Mondiale” in Munich (Germany) and became, like Radu Retsoi, the first representative of his country to be awarded this high award.

This large-scale project was made possible thanks to the initiative of the Belarusian world champion Vladislav Pligovka, who received his World Cup in 2008 in Glasgow (Scotland). Such a meeting of champions is held on the stage of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society for the third time, and each time these concerts are held with constant full houses.

«Два чемпиона»: Раду Рэцой (аккордеон), Олжас Нурланов (баян)