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Windfield Piano Quintet

Date: 11.01.2019 beginning at 19:00
Category: Chamber music


Artyom Shishkov violin

Sergey Belozertsev violin

Vladimir Kunitsa viola

Alexey Kiselev cello

Alexey Pshenichny piano



J.Brahms. Piano Quintet in F Minor, op.34

P.Vasks. Quartet for Piano and Strings (premiere in Belarus)


The 2019 will begin with a bright event in the Big Hall of the Philharmonic Society that pretends to be one of the highlights of the season – this is the concert of Windfield Piano Quintet, which will be held on January 11.

Representatives of the Belarusian musical elite, such as Artem Shishkov (Germany–Belgium), Sergey Belozertsev and Vladimir Kunitsa (Russia), Alexey Kiselev (Scotland) unfortunately are scattered all over the world, but they will come flying to Minsk to present to the public a refined, stylish, worthy of the best philharmonic halls the program – chamber works of J.Brahms and P.Vasks.

The concert on 11 January will bring us back to the “golden” past of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society, when D.Oistrakh, S.Richter, M.Rostropovich, M.Pletnev, Van Cliburn, N.Gutman and O.Kagan performed here...and, we hope, this concert will open the door to its future, when similar concerts will appear in the Belarusian philharmonic bill with enviable constancy (for other philharmonic societies).

One of the participants of the quintet, the famous Belarusian pianist Alexey Pshenichny said: “We will not talk about music, but we will play about what isn’t always possible to express in words… How to catch the thought that escapes, not having time to put on words, and already even ceases to be a thought, turning more into a feeling? How to put into words the subconscious guesses? How to remember all the dreams? How to take the intuition by hand? Of course, speech is one of the wonders and the heritage of humanity. But there are many things that are not verbal, inaccessible to any human language. Then the music comes to the rescue, capable of continuing the thought where the words have already ended.

The programme of our evening is the inner worlds of Johannes Brahms and Peteris Vasks.”


Windfield Piano Quintet