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Music parlour

Music parlour

«Musical parlour» are unique author's programs and represent a rich palette of musical genres: solo instrumental concerts, chamber and instrumental music, chamber and vocal and symphonic music.

Creator and artistic director of «Musical parlour» is a pianist Tatyana Starchenko. She is not only a musician, but also a host, an author of projects and a director-producer of all the concerts.

Some programs of «Musical parlour» are unique and exist for more than 15 years:«New year's surprises in Musical parlour», «Musicians joke», «Tatyana's day in Musical parlour », «More than tango …».

For the first time in Belarus, the “Musical parlour” performed concerts by J.S. Bach for two, three and four claviers, concert by W.A.Mozart for three claviers, concert for orchestra «Yellow stars» I.Schwarz, piano concertos with the orchestra of M.Nyman and a Belarusian composer A.Litvinovsky,  «Antiformalist paradise» of D.Shostakovich (along with the Belarusian State chamber Choir of the Republic of Belarus).

The programs of chamber music evenings are extremely diverse –monoconcerts of M.Tariverdiev, G. Sviridov, V.Gavrilin, I.Shwarz, D.Shostakovich, M.Glinka, A.Shnitke, E.Grig, R.Shuman, F.Shopin.

Modern music is widely represented in the concerts of the "Musical parlour": Russian, Western and Belarusian. In 2018-2020, the collective's concert programs included compositions by P.Karmanov, A.Aiga, S.Akhunov, R. Shchedrin, M.Naiman, F.Glass, L.Simakovich, G.Gorelova, A. Litvinovsky, D.Lybin.

The concert “Then and now " has become a traditional event, the program of which includes old and modern Belarusian music.

Artistic director of «Musical parlour», a pianist Tatiana Starchenko has been actively performing in the cities of Belarus and Russia, representing solo programs. She has been working with the artists of the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus for a long time: People's artist of Belarus Vladimir Petrov, Ilja Silchukov, Tatiana Tretyak,  Natalia Akinina. Joint concerts of Tatyana Starchenko and the People's artist of Belarus Natalia Gaida always become a bright event.

Since 2017 “Musical parlour” has presented another genre – « Literary and musical concerts». These concerts have revived a long-standing tradition of performing artistic word on the stage of the Philharmonic. Such concerts with a mixture of poetry and prose have been performed by the actor and Director of the Belarusian Radio Oleg Vinyarsky, and musical and poetic programs "Consonances" have been performed by Tatyana Starchenko on the stage of the Small hall n.a. G.Schirma.

The creation of the ensemble «Classic jazz trio» and a piano duet Tatyana Starchenko – Dasha Moroz has spiced up their repertoire a little bit.

As part of «Musical parlour» by Tatyana Starchenko released ten CD-disks: «Russian music», «Bach and Mozart», « Chopin», «Musical parlour» (in 2 parts), «Classic jazz trio» (in 2 parts), «More than tango» (in 2 parts), «Stars of Belarusian opera on the stage of the Philharmonic».

«Musical parlour» is known and loved all over Belarus! This is evidenced by sold-out concerts, newspaper and magazine publications, and performances on state TV channels in Belarus.

Artistic Director – Tatyana Starchenko



Manager – Anastasia Koypish


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