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Booking tickets
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Booking tickets


Virtual box office

How to work with the ticket booking system tce.by

1. Registration and authorization

All the users, registered at the web-page tce.by can enter the system under their login and password (hereinafter “To log in”).

In order to log in an e-mail address is used.

Attention! The users which were registered in the previous booking system can renew the password choosing the point “Renew the password” in the menu.

New users should register choosing the point “Registration” in the menu. Then it is necessary to fill in the registration form, read the terms and conditions point and put a tick if you agree with them. After that choose the “Registration” form.

If the registration is successfully realized, the system will return you to the plan of the hall.

2. Online booking

Choose the necessary event in the list.

Choose the seats wanted in the plan of the hall (the number of tickets for one order is limited).

“Consumer basket” will show you the number of the tickets chosen.

The seats chosen mistakenly can be deleted clicking the mouse twice. Besides, it is possible to delete the whole list, choosing the option “Cancel the order”.

As soon as the seats needed are marked, choose the option “Send the order”.

Attention! Choosing a seat, please, read the information about the ways of payment and places to realize it.

Attention! It is prohibited to book the tickets in case you have 3 unpaid orders. Please, pay the previous orders first or cancel them before realizing the next purchase.

If the process of booking was successful, there will appear detailed information about the booking, place and period required to realize the payment (the copy of the order is sent to the e-mail, indicated during the registration).

3. Booking management

After you logged in it is possible to see all the orders by choosing the option “Personal page” in the menu “Welcome”.

In the table “History of orders” one can see the list of all the orders realized with the piece of information about each one.

In order to know the detailed information about any order you are interested in, please, choose it in the corresponding table (the information will appear in the table “Current order”).

In order to delete or pay the order, please, choose the option required in the section “Operations”.

(Attention! The operations are irreversible. In case you change your opinion after the cancellation of any operation you should realize a new one since the beginning).

4. Ticket purchase

Please, check attentively your order! (It is recommended to print the text of your order)

You can buy the tickets in the box offices responsible for their purchase, “Raschet” system (ERIP) or by any other method possible by the end of the expiry date of the order. In order to get the ticket booked, please, name the teller the date or number of your order, the name of the event and your surname or show the printed version of your order.

1 hour before the concert booked and not paid tickets are available for purchase.

Attention! In order to pay via “Raschet” system (ERIP) (if it is allowed by the seller) you should mark your order in your personal online page, choose the option “Pay via ERIP” in the list, read the instruction about the way of payment and pay the way it suits you better.

5. Ticket printing

10-15 minutes after the ticket purchase is realized via “Raschet” system (ERIP) you can see the option of printing your ticket on your personal online page.

If you have any questions, related to booking or ticket purchase via the web-page tce.by, please, contact the organizer of the event you are interested in or send your questions to the following e-mail address: ticket@tce.by

Registration Terms

Terms of Service

Please, pay attention that,

Entry tickets can be returned :

- on the initiative of  an individual or a legal entity no later than 1 calendar day prior to the day of the  event. Also, an individual, or a legal entity having returned an entry ticket is reimbursed 75 percent of the cost of an entry ticket.  

 - In case of  cancellation, change of the announced time (dates) or of the venue of the event, or of its replacement by another -- at the cancelled( but planned )  day of the event and within 5 days. And in this case, an individual, or a legal entity having returned an entry ticket is reimbursed the total cost of an entry ticket .