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Год качества

“…Love is as strong as death”

Date: 24.09.2019 beginning at 19:00
Category: Ancient music

“IMAGES OF BAROQUE” (in two evenings)

The first evening


(German cantatas of the 17th century to texts from the “Song of Songs”)


Tatiana Gavrilova soprano

Victoria Leshkevich soprano

Anna Arlukevich soprano

Maria Kerus soprano

Daria Dyatko soprano

Natalya Akinina mezzo-soprano

Yuri Gorodetsky tenor

Vitaliy Ambrazhevich bass

Evgeny Sviridov baroque violin (St. Petersburg – Cologne)

Anna Dmitrieva baroque violin (St. Petersburg – Cologne)

Rustik Pozumsky viola da gamba (St. Petersburg)

Victor Sobolenko viola da gamba (St. Petersburg)

Vladimir Gavryushov viola da gamba (St. Petersburg)

Vladimir Volkov violon (St. Petersburg)

Alexey Ivanko cello

Anton Birulya teorba (St. Petersburg - Warsaw)

Vocal ensemble Bona Dea

Artistic director – Pavel Gontsa


Conductor – Dmitry Zubov organ, harpsichord


Program: A.Hammerschmidt, H.Schütz, J.Rosenmüller, D.Buxtehude, J.C.Bach

“…Love is as strong as death”