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“Musical parlour” presents: music by Michael Nyman

Date: 19.11.2021 beginning at 19:00
Category: Chamber music

Michael Nyman

– Suite from the “Piano”

– Trio “Time Will Pronounce”

– Piano Quintet


“Musical parlour»”

Artistic Director – Tatiana Starchenko piano

The concert is attended by:

Ekaterina Arkhipova violin

Valentina Naumenko violin

Alina Kishkurno viola

Stanislav Petchenko cello

Tatiana Starchenko piano

Michael Nyman is a composer, music critic and theorist, one of the founders of the popular “minimalism” trend in our time, in fact, who first used this term himself, a film composer who wrote music for almost a hundred films, whose discography is already going over a hundred and this list is still going on (!), a person who in an interview can afford to respond about his work like this: “I would modestly remark about myself that I am one of the main geniuses of the twentieth century. Depending on my mood, I could praise my music very much, and scold it extremely harshly.”

“Today, the minimalist composer Michael Nyman, whose success came with the films directed by Peter Greenway, is almost as popular as his American colleague Philip Glass and is almost as adored by the “advanced” public who wants to hear rock in anything but rock bands” ( “Zvuki ru”).

The music of the legendary Naiman is in the concert of the “Musical parlour” by Tatiana Starchenko. Ekaterina Arkhipova, Valentina Naumenko (violin), Alina Kishkurno (viola), Stanislav Petchenko (cello) will also appear on the same stage with the author of the project, the artistic director of the «Musical parlour», the famous pianist Tatiana Starchenko. The program includes suite from the music for the movie “Piano”, the trio “Time Will Pronounce” and a Piano Quintet.

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