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“New Year with ArtGrand”

Date: 26.12.2021 beginning at 19:00
Category: Chamber music

I department

P.Tchaikovsky – “March”, “Dance of the Fairy Dragee”

Performed by Artem and Marina Shaplyko

S.Rachmaninov – “Italian Polka”

Performed by Tatiana Lukyanova and Alika Dukhnovskaya

J.S Bach – Chorale from cantata No.147 “Jesus bleibet meine Freude”

Performed by Elizaveta Morozova and Artem Shaplyko

A.Vivaldi – Concerto in D-dur for guitar

Performed by Daryan Shahab and Artem Shaplyko

J.S.Bach – Chorale “Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme”, BWV 645

Performed by Elizaveta Morozova

I.Albeniz – “Asturias”

Performed by Daryan Shahab

A.Borodin – “Polovtsian Dances” from the opera “Prince Igor” (piano arrangement)

Performed by Tatiana Lukyanova and Alika Dukhnovskaya

R.Strauss – Waltz “On the Beautiful Blue Danube”

Performed by Daria Eliseeva, Leila Akberova, Yulia Rozhkovskaya, Alika Dukhnovskaya

II department

J.Williams – Soundtrack to film “Home Alone”

Performed by Artem Shaplyko

– Ukrainian folk song “Shchedryk” (edited by N.Leontovich)

Performed by Olga Mitskevich, Daria Eliseeva, Sergey Mitskevich, Dmitry Gavrilik, Leila Akberova, Yulia Rozhkovskaya, Eduard Tishkevich

St. Flaherty – “Once in December” from the cartoon “Anastasia”

Performed by Angelina Mozhar, Leila Akberova, Daria Eliseeva, Yulia Rozhkovskaya, Alika Dukhnovskay

Fr.Gruber – Christmas Christian Hymn “Silent Night”

Performed by Olga Mitskevich, Elizaveta Morozova

G.Michael – “Last Christmas”

Performed by Angelina Mozhar, Sergey Mitskevich, Tatiana Lukyanova, Dmitry Gavrilik, Eduard Tishkevich

L.Beckman – “Christmas Tree was born in the forest” (in a jazz arrangement)

Performed by Daria Eliseeva, Alika Dukhnovskaya, Yulia Rozhkovskaya

E.Pola, G.Wyle – “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”

Performed by Olga Mitskevich, Leila Akberova, Daria Eliseeva, Yulia Rozhkovskaya, Sergey Mitskevich, Dmitry Gavrilik, Tatyana Lukyanova, Eduard Tishkevich

Cl.François, P.Anka –”My way"

Performed by Yulia Rozhkovskaya, Tatiana Lukyanova, Sergey Mitskevich, Dmitry Gavrilik, Eduard Tishkevic

М.Carey – “All I want for Christmas”

Perfomed by Olga Mitskevich, Leila Akberova, Daria Eliseeva, Yulia Rozhkovskaya, Sergey Mitskevich, Dmitry Gavrilik, Tatyana Lukyanova, Eduard Tishkevich


Virtuoso piano duets in 4 hands, guitar opuses by Vivaldi and Albeniz, the famous Christian Christmas hymn “Silent Night” performed by a coloratura soprano and organ, as well as the popular “Last Christmas” by G.Michael, “Happy New Year!” by B.Andersson and “Christmas tree was born in the forest” in a jazz arrangement – all this and much more will be performed on December 26 at the big festive concert “Christmas songs by ArtGrand”, which will be held at the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society. Give yourself and your loved ones a real New Year’s mood!

Christmas is the most magical and long-awaited holiday, on the eve of which the city turns into a real fairy tale: the streets are decorated with garlands and Christmas lights, bright elegant Christmas trees are everywhere, and the spicy aroma of freshly baked ginger cookies is in the air.

You can re-believe in magic, as well as make your most cherished wish at the New Year’s concert “Christmas songs by ArtGrand”. There are festive surprises and gifts for you, a colorful photo zone, as well as champagne or juice along with a sweet treat for each guest of the holiday!

We take care of your safety: concert tickets are sold taking into account the social distance, all necessary measures will be taken to preserve your health during the event.

We guarantee you a great mood and a festive atmosphere! Celebrate Christmas and New Year with ArtGrand!

*Dress code for concert guests is Black Tie:

for women – evening or cocktail dress;

for men – an elegant suit or tuxedo.

*The dress code is welcome, but always at your discretion.

The concert is attended by:

Artem and Marina Shaplyko piano

Daryan Shahab guitar

Daria Eliseeva flute

Olga Mitskevich vocals

Sergey Mitskevich electric guitar, bass guitar

Tatiana Lukyanova piano

Alika Dukhnovskaya piano

Angelina Mozhar vocals

Leila Akberova violin

Elizaveta Morozova organ

Eduard Tishkevich drums

Julia Rozhkovskaya cello

Dmitry Gavrilik electric guitar

Host – Lyubov Sytko

In addition to the music program, the event will delight with traditional interactive activities for the audience. During the intermission, it will be possible to get acquainted with musical instruments, get professional advice from the teachers of the ArtGrand school, take a photo for memory in the colorful photo zone and get an autograph of the musicians.

ArtGrand Music School is the first school in the country with an original training system, experienced teachers with higher specialized musical education, many of whom are teachers of higher educational musical institutions, as well as soloists of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society.

The ArtGrand Music School is the organizer of major classical music concerts on the stage the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society and other concert stages, and is also widely represented at various competitions, festivals and other culturally significant events of the country (II European Games, Grand Piano Marathon, etc.). More detailed: +375 29 381 2237, +375 29 781 2237, info@artgrand.by

Information provided by the concert and touring department of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society

«Новый год с АртГранд»