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New Year’s musical fairy tale for children “Snow Ball in the Kingdom of Fairy Tales”

Date: 29.12.2022 beginning at 18:00
Category: Children music

New Year’s musical fairy tale for children “SNOW BALL IN THE KINGDOM OF FAIRY TALES”

A special celebration is planned in the magic kingdom of Fairy Tales – a New Year’s snow ball. Residents of the kingdom, famous characters from children’s fairy tales, heroes of popular cartoons and, of course, you are our young viewers are invited to the holiday.

Guests begin to arrive in the throne room of the Queen of the magic kingdom: Masha and the Bear, Elsa and Olaf from the cartoon “Cold Heart”, Little Red Riding Hood, Fixies and other fairy-tale characters. The master of ceremonies is ready to announce the beginning of the snow ball, when suddenly a big trouble happens: a Christmas tree has disappeared! Having not received an invitation to the snow ball, the evil sorceress Maleficent decided to steal the main symbol of the upcoming holiday. Who will return the New Year's beauty to the palace? Will the long-awaited snow ball take place in the kingdom of Fairy Tales?

Exciting adventures, incredible chases, exciting sword battles and real fairy-tale magic are waiting for you!

The musical performance will give the audience pleasant positive emotions, faith in a miracle and a festive New Year mood! We invite you to the Big Hall of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society!

The author of the project and the director of photography is Tatiana Mozhar

The composer is Vladimir Savchik

The choreographer is Marina Filatova

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