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“Waiting for Miracles”: Olga Kolesnikova, Yuri Seleznev

Статус: Canceled
Date: 29.12.2021 beginning at 19:00
Category: Popular music

New Year’s concert “WAITING FOR MIRACLES”

Olga Kolesnikova

Yuri Seleznev

Directed by Artem Evsievich

If this concert season you have already been lucky enough to buy a ticket to the Philharmonic for the concerts “Broadway Show” and “French Boulevard”, you will definitely not be disappointed by visiting the new concert program of the young talented director Artem Evsievich “Waiting for miracles ...” on December 29 in the Big hall of the Belarussian State Philharmonic Society.

Any person, regardless of age, loves pleasant surprises and gifts. Remember this magical feeling of anticipation of the New Year’s miracle and holiday, which everyone felt in childhood on the eve of the New Year… Do you want to feel it again? Then by all means come to the theatrical concert “Waiting for miracles ...”! As a gift, you will receive famous pop hits, songs from your favorite movies, instrumental hits – and all this in original arrangements and in the company of your favorite artists.

On this New Year’s Eve, the audience who came to the concert at the Belarussian State Philharmonic Society will be participants of the New Year”s party, which the musician friends planned to hold in a country house. What creative twists and funny situations they go through: talented soloists of the concert – Olga Kolesnikova (soloist of the Estrada Youth Theater) and Yuri Seleznev (Belarusian singer, musician, songwriter, participant of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014,2015) will tell you about it during the concert.

A relaxed atmosphere and a bright concert program will create a special feeling of the upcoming New Year's days and will give you pleasant emotions!

«В ожидании чудес»