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“Afro-Cuban Jazz Hits”: Ark Ovrutsky Quintet with the participation of Carlos Enrique

Date: 21.10.2023 beginning at 19:00
Category: Jazz

Afro-Cuban jazz hits, compositions from the repertoire of Dizzy Gillespie


Ark Ovrutsky Quintet with the participation of Carlos Enrique

Golden hits of Afro-Cuban jazz and incendiary compositions from the repertoire of musician Dizzy Gillespie are collected in the concert program of the jazz band led by Ark Ovrutsky. This evening the main hits will be performed: “Caravan”, “Besame Mucho”, “Samba For Carmen”, “Tin Ten Deo”, “Manteca”.

Dizzy Gillespie is a legend of world jazz. It was he who became the founder of a fundamentally new style – bebop. Instead of easy dance music, Gillepsie turned jazz into an intellectual art. Frivolous melodies became more rigid, and strict rhythm became the musical basis. At the same time, from a performing point of view, bepop has become even more virtuosic. Musicians began to prefer complex improvisations, endlessly competing with each other. Another achievement of Gillespie is the introduction of Afro-Cuban rhythms into classical jazz. Thus, the musician significantly expanded the familiar sound of jazz and emphasized its African-American roots. Gillespie’s initiative gained enormous popularity and had a strong influence on the development of Latin American jazz.

Ark Ovrutsky is a famous double bassist, composer and band leader, laureate of jazz festivals and author of many international jazz projects. The band consists of the best jazz musicians from all over the world. Vladimir Nesterenko is the only professional Russian organist who performs jazz. Carlos Enrique is a multi-instrumentalist, one of the most famous saxophonists and trumpeters in Cuba. Fidel Alejandro is a singer, composer, percussionist and drummer. Yohandis Vega is a virtuoso of national Cuban percussion instruments.

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