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“Music therapy. Christmas relaxation”

Date: 08.01.2022 beginning at 19:00
Category: Chamber music

F.Gruber – “Silent night”

J.S.Bach – Chorale from cantata No.147 “Jesus bleibet meine Freude”

A.Vivaldi – “Winter”

J.Brahms – Lullaby

P.Tchaikovsky – “Dance of the Shepherds”

– “December. Christmastide” from the cycle “Seasons”

A.Piazzolla – “Winter”

J.S.Bach / Ch.Gounod – “Ave Maria”

J.S.Bach – Aria from Suite for Orchestra №3 in D-dur

J.S.Bach / A.Ziloti – Prelude

J.S.Bach – Siciliana from Concerto in d-moll

T.Dubois – Cantilena

L.Cohen – “Hallelujah”

We invite you to a magical, extraordinary and warm evening – “Music Therapy. Christmas relaxation”!

In a cozy atmosphere of subdued light and candles, you can relax and unwind to wonderful music filled with light, purity and enlightenment and a wonderful video series with views of nature, solemn cities, festive decorations, paintings by great artists, space!

This evening you will be able to truly feel the emotions of thanksgiving, joy, light sadness and magic, enjoy the wonderful “sounding silence” that will accumulate and by the end of the evening the air itself will ring with beauty!

Especially for the concert we will install an organ of the Italian brand “Viscount”! The sounds of the organ harmonize the psycho-emotional sphere, put the mind in order. The organ is called the “cosmos–earth–cosmos” energy conductor.

The program includes eternal classics: the Christmas hymn “Silent Night”, atmospheric “Winters” by Vivaldi and Piazzolla, soothing “Lullaby” by Brahms and “Hallelujah” by Cohen, organ “Chorale”, “Cantilena”, “Siciliana” and other world-famous masterpieces.

The works will be performed continuously in combination with unique sound therapy instruments – gentle and soft singing bowls, ringing c chakraphones, light koshi bells.

We thank you and are inspired by your warm reviews:

“Just great! An unforgettable feeling, as if immersed in a world full of love, warmth and well-being!”.

“The music made immerse myself in my thoughts, think about the future and the present. Stop in time for a minute.”

“Memories of childhood. Joy and carefree state ...”

We invite you to relax in the atmosphere of art!

Performed by:

Artem Shaplyko (piano) - soloist of Belarusian State Philharmonic Society, laureate of international competitions, founder of the private music school ArtGrand.

Daria Eliseeva (flute) – soloist of Belarusian State Philharmonic Society, laureate of international competitions.

Olga Mitskevich (coloratura soprano) - vocalist, soloist of Belarusian State Philharmonic Society, teacher of the ArtGrand music school.

Kallinika Medvedeva (organ) – teacher of the Minsk State music college named after M.I.Glinka.

Tatiana Lukyanova (presenter, sound therapy instruments) – Master of Art History, teacher of the ArtGrand Music School.

When: December 24, 2021

What time: 19.00

Where: Small Hall of Belarusian State Philharmonic Society

Cost: only from 15 to 37 rubles

The number of seats is limited! Don’t miss it!

Details from the organizers: +375(44)464-73-47, info@musictherapy.by

Information provided by the concert and touring department of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society

«Музыкотерапия. Рождественский релакс»