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The subscription “Three evenings with the Chamber Orchestra”
November, 30
N. Paganini – G. Kipreviсius – 24 Caprices for Solo Violin (Belarusian premiere performance)
Soloist – Graf Murzha
February, 8
F. Mendelssohn – Concerto in D minor for Violin, Piano and Orchestra
L.W. Beethoven – Sonata №9 for Violin in A major “Kreutzer”, Op. 47 (orchestration by R. Tonietti)
Soloists – Mark Bushkov, Ekaterina Skanavi
April, 4
H. Purcell – Chaconne in G minor
J. Adams – “Shaker Loops”
R. Vaughan Williams – “The Lark Ascending” for violin and orchestra
R. Vaughan Williams – “Dives & Lazarus” for string orchestra
E. Finnis – “Between Rain” for string orchestra
P. Glass – “Echorus” for two violins and a string orchestra
Soloists – Galya Bisengalieva and Oleg Podov
Conductor – Robert Ames
The subscription “Three evenings with the Chamber Orchestra” of the State Chamber Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus for listeners will present a unique opportunity to contact with three different worlds: classical and modern, romanticism and minimalism will intertwine in them and the violin will be as binding thread between.
Masterpiece of the virtuosic genre is a cycle of 24 Caprices by Niccolo Paganini will be performed in the first concert (November, 30) accompanied by a string orchestra created by the Lithuanian composer Gintaras Kipreviсius, who managed to turn the famous music into a radically new work of art that never sounded in the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society. Soloist – Graf Murzha, conductor – Evgeny Bushkov.
In the second concert of the subscription (February, 8) the premiere performance of the famous Kreutzer Sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven with a string orchestra will be the central event. The outstanding Belgian violinist Mark Bushkov will perform as the soloist and the conductor. Together with the brilliant pianist Katya Skanavi they will perform a rare Felix Mendelssohn Double Concerto.
In the third programme (April, 4) the audience will be take in the music of Anglo-American minimalism. Together with the amazingly beautiful and hyper-famous work of Vaughan Williams “The Lark Ascending”, Belarusian premieres of works by Adams, Finnis and Glass will be performed. The young British conductor Robert Ames makes his debut with the State Chamber Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus. Galya Bisengalieva (England-Kazakhstan) and concertmaster of the orchestra Oleg Podov will be soloists of the programme.
The subscription “Across-the-board”
October, 18
Joseph Haydn – “Farewell” Symphony No. 45
W.A.Mozart – Concerto for flute and orchestra D-dur, K.314
Franz Schubert – Minuets and two trios in D major, D. 89
Soloist – Tatiana Kormazinova
Igor Stravinsky - Concerto in D
Conductor – Amayak Durgaryan
December, 16
Darius Milhaud – Chamber Symphony No. 4 for 10 string instruments
W.A. Mozart - Concerto No. 13 for Piano and Orchestra
W.A. Mozart - Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Viola and Orchestra
E. Schulhoff – “Five plays for strings” (dedication of D. Milhaud) Belarusian premiere
March, 10
L. van Beethoven – E. Podgaits – Sonata No.6 in A major, Op. 30, No. 1 for violin and orchestra
E.Izai – “Evening Harmony” op.29 for violin, cello, orchestra
J. Haydn - Concerto for cello and orchestra
Soloists - Nicolas Dotrikur (violin, France), Mikhail Samsonov (cello, Germany-Belarus)
Conductor - Evgeny Buskov
The subscription “Across-the-board” has been pleased for many years its listeners with the opportunity to hear the popular classics in combination with works of different eras and styles. In the anniversary year of the 50th anniversary of the collective the programs differs of the special beauty.
In the first concert (October, 18) favorite Symphony “Farewell” by Haydn coexists with Stravinsky's Neoclassical Concerto In D, and Mozart's Flute Concerto will be followed by Minuet with two Schubert's trio. Soloist - Tatyana Kormazinova (flute), conductor - Amayak Durgaryan (Spain- Armenia).
In the second concert of the subscription (December, 17) magical and eternally young Mozart's Sinfonia Concertante and his Piano concerto in C major will be surrounded by a
Pre-New Year bouquet of small plays for the orchestra Darius Milhaud and Erwin Schulhoff. Their names self-evidently: Vienna Waltz, Serenade, Tango, Tarantella ... Soloists - Pavel Batyan (violin), Evgenia Mazinskaya (viola), Michelle Bushkova (piano), conductor - Evgeny Bushkov.
In the final concert of the subscription (March, 10) two wonderful musicians will meet: French violinist Nicolas Dotrikur and Belarusian cellist Mikael Samsonov. Both are the brightest charismatic personalities and their premiere play performance "Evening Harmony" by the Belgian composer Eugene Izai in the orchestrating of Evgeny Bushkov should be an unforgettable event. Conductor - Evgeny Bushkov. Also, for the first time in Minsk, Beethoven's Sixth Sonata will be performed in the processing of the Russian author Efrem Podgaits for violin and orchestra and Haydn's Cello Concerto.
Author's subscription by Evgeny Bushkov
“The classics - it's cool!”
Three concerts
February, 24 – “What is HIT?”
March, 17 – “The Duel of Violins: A. Piazzolla vs. F. Kreiser”
April, 22 – “Adventure in the Empire of Strings and Sticks”
May, 30
Concert- end of the season (not included in the subscription)
Оn the programme:
J. Haydn, N. Silvestrov - Concerto for piano and orchestra
Soloist - Alexey Lyubimov
С. Reinecke - Suite for String Orchestra (Belarusian premier)