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“Favorite Melodies of the War Years”

Дата: 07.05.2021 beginning at 13:00
Category: Symphonic music


State Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus

Chief Conductor – People’s Artist of Belarus Alexander Anisimov

Honored Collective of the Republic of Belarus

State Academic Choir of the Republic of Belarus named after G.Shirma

Chief Conductor – Olga Yanum

Soloist – Ilya Kuzmin baritone (Russia)

Vocal ensemble of the Children’s Music School of Arts No.10 named after E.Glebov

Conductor Alexander Anisimov

Concert in one department

Entrance to the concert by invitation cards

On the eve of Victory Day, it is customary to remember not only the names of the heroes who defended our Homeland. We remember everything that is connected with the years of struggle for the freedom of Belarus in the Great Patriotic War. A special place is given to the songs of the war years and the songs of modern composers about those harsh, unforgettable days. These songs preserve the feelings and thoughts of people for whom the events of those terrible years are not a chapter from a history textbook, but a part of their lives and destinies. And even if the song does not have the accuracy of a report or a military chronicle, it is the most important document of the time. With these songs, they went into battle and waited for their return from the front, these songs supported the forces and brought the Victory Day closer. The melodies and words familiar from childhood, the wonderful works of A.Pakhmutova, D.Tukhmanov, Ya.Frenkel, V.Basner, penetrating into our hearts, again and again make us experience moments of despair and hope, pain and joy, courage and faith in Victory.

A special solemnity is given by their performance by classical musicians: a symphony orchestra, an academic choir, an opera soloist.

For Minsk residents and guests of the capital on the festive days of the Great Victory – May 7 – a unique program will be performed in the Great Hall of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Orchestra with the participation of the State Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus, the State Academic Choir of the Republic of Belarus named after G.Shirma and the soloist of the Moscow Theater “New Opera” of Ilya Kuzmin.

The seventeen numbers of this program, like the seventeen moments of the Victorious Spring – are our tribute to the memory of those days that we will always remember. “Dark Night”, “Darkie”, “On an Unnamed Height", “For that Guy”, “Cranes”, “May Waltz”, other wonderful songs and, of course, “Victory Day” will be played on this spring day.

The chief conductor of the State Academic Symphony Orchestra, Maestro Alexander Anisimov, will stand at the conductor’s desk. A musician, a world-renowned master, he embodies the idea of friendship and fruitful creative cooperation between different countries and peoples in the name of peace.

Partners of the festive concert: the largest retailer of electronics and household appliances – “5 element”, as well as the Belarusian Peace Foundation.

The company “5 element” is a permanent partner of social, sports and charity events. It supports social initiatives of various directions in the fields of education, health, sports, etc.

Since 2017, the Belarusian Peace Foundation and the company “5 Element” have been jointly conducting a special project “High Five for Good!”, aimed at raising funds and transferring them to special children's and medical institutions, supporting sports and educational projects.

«Любимые мелодии военных лет»